Frequently Asked Questions About Reflection Beads

Q:Are Reflection Beads compatible with other popular brands?

Yes, our beads are compatible with most popular similar bead lines.You can find more information at our Information & Sizes page.

Q:Where can I purchase Reflection Beads jewelry?

Our products are featured in retail stores throughout the United States. Click here to find a retail store near you.

Q:How do I care for my Reflection Beads jewelry?

We suggest using a silver polishing cloth. Do not use liquid silver polish. However, if the piece is soiled, you may use warm water and a mild detergent, then dry promptly with a cotton towel. After drying, polish the piece again with a silver polishing cloth. We recommend that you remove your jewelry before coming into contact with water, pools or hot tubs. Exposure to harsh chemicals can alter the appearance of your Reflection Beads.

Q:What is your jewelry made of?

Reflection Beads features over 2000 handcrafted beads using Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Hand-blown Glass, Italian Murano Glass, Dichroic Glass and Swarovski crystal. Some beads feature high quality CZ’s or antique finishes. We use no rhodium plating.

Q:Do beads from the Kids Collection fit the adult bracelets?

No. Products from our Kids Collections are sized smaller. Information & Sizes

Q:How do I determine my bracelet size?

Measure your wrist and add an extra 1 to 1 ½ inches to allow for the width of the beads.

Q:Where can I learn about assembling your products?

Q:How many beads does it take to fill up a bracelet?

It depends on the size of the bracelet and the shape and size of the beads. A ballpark average would be approximately 25-30 beads.

Q:How do the beads not fall off when I take off the bracelet?

Grippers and/or Clips can be used specifically at the end of the bracelet to secure the beads from falling off. They may also be used anywhere on the bracelet to prevent the beads from sliding, which secures them to one section of the bracelet.

Q:What is your return policy?

Reflection Bead retailers are authorized to accept returns on defective products which are returned within 60 days from the date of the sale. Returns must be made to the Reflection Beads retail partners. Proof of purchase is required. This return policy excludes general wear and tear, damage from using liquid silver polish or exposure in pools or hot tubs causing items to oxidize.

Q:What are Connectors used for?

Connectors are used to secure two bracelets which will be worn together.